Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'nodeExecutionStack') on trying to read or retry failed executions

Hi there fellow n8n-ers,
I have this issue where I have quite a few exections failed:

but when I want to retry them or inspect them to see what went wrong, I get an error:
cannot read
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘nodeExecutionStack’)

So this way it becomes really complicated to debug the issue, but also to see which data is now missing from my client’s database. This is an overview of this workflow:

But because it doesn’t properly read the execution, I cannot see which data is now missing:

N8n is running on a 8 GB 4 AMD vCPU 60GB Digitalocean droplet:

with a docker-compose setup, running n8n 0.201.0 using SQLite. Using traefik and these n8n settings in the yml:

Running n8n with the execution process own(default)

Any idea on how to retrieve the data from the errors? Now I am stuck with not knowing which data is missing…

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @Jelle_de_Rijke, I am really sorry you’re having trouble. I tried reproducing this problem but could access all my failed executions as expected.

Perhaps you can share some additional data on how to reproduce this problem? Did you upgrade the n8n version between these executions and your attempts to open them? Which version of n8n are you currently running and are the executions present in the n8n database?

Hi @MutedJam ,

Thanks for your response. Perhaps I did upgrade n8n between executions and my attempt to open them! I also got some errors later on stating that SQLite was blocked. Anyway I am running SQLite at the moment and I will start a new instance using MySQL (because I have this available as a managed database with DigitalOcean for this project). Hopefully this will prevent this from happening again.

Will report back with my findindings in case someone else runs into these issues.

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