Cannot see any log

Hi Community,
My Workflow can execute smoothly, but it cannot print out any logs (e.g. console.log / Logger).
It is difficult for me to make a further development without seeing any logs…

The upper image is the example of using console.log(already execute the node)
→ does not return any response
The lower image is an example of using Logger
→ keep in this loading page, cannot fully execute the node and does not have a response.

Can anyone help me?

Hey @savina_kau!

Welcome to the community :sparkling_heart:

Did you try logging a static value? Maybe your function is not getting executed and that is why you don’t see the logs.

Did you also try restarting the server?

Do you also have already either “npm run watch” running or execute npm run build after you did add the console.log?

Hey @savina_kau, are you still facing the same issue?

I found that there are multiple ports listen to “5678”. I kill the ports and restart the server and it works!
Thanks a lot!

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