Cannot update salesforce account owner


I am currently facing an issue while updating the account owner field using the Salesforce node. The strange part is that all other fields can be updated successfully except for the owner field.

Although the API response indicates “success,” the owner value remains unchanged after the update operation. Initially, I suspected that the problem was on the Salesforce side. However, I created a ticket and Salesforce advised me to test the same update using Workbench to determine if N8N is the source of the problem.

Surprisingly, the update using Workbench worked perfectly as expected. This leads me to believe that there might be an issue specifically related to the Salesforce node in N8N. Do you have any insights or possible explanations for this behavior?

Additionally, after multiple attempts, I encountered the following error message:

Could you please help me troubleshoot this problem? Here are some details about my N8N setup: I am using N8N cloud version 0.230.3.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Hi @lequeuxa, I am so sorry for the trouble.

I was able to reproduce the problem and shall add this to our bug tracker for a closer look and a fix.

Until such a fix is available, perhaps you want to update your account owner through the HTTP Request node as shown below?

In this example request 0017Q00000ZUPzDQAX is the account ID (supplied in the URL field), and 0057Q000000WeKzQAK is the ID of the new account owner (supplied as a body parameter). Salesforce would indicate a success with a 204 response.


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Hey @lequeuxa,

Good news, This has been fixed in the PR below and once reviewed it will be merged and included in a future release.


New version [email protected] got released which includes the GitHub PR 6958.