Cant add installed node to workflow, Node not appearing in workflow

I have build a node, and have tested it locally and im satisfied, i have also published it and installed it successfully :white_check_mark: to start using it but while im trying to add to the work its showing here but trying to add to the workflow its not showing in the workflow. what could be the reason?


  • node works perfectly local
  • using version Version 0.233.0
  • plan on the Community Edition
  • published node n8n-nodes-payspace


HI @Onlypfachi

You are on a very old version of n8n. Did you develop on this old version as well?
normally if you cannot add a node to the canvas it means the parameters aren’t working properly and that could definitly happen if you are developing on a newer version vs what you are running.

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I developed on a recent vesion of n8n