Can't change the owner of a file in Google created through the Service Account

Afternoon. Due to the expiration of my OAuth2 token, I had to connect a Google Service Account on my personal account (

I am fine with it, but I am concerned that the Service Account is the owner of all the files and folders I have created this way.
I can’t transfer the role of the owner to myself - consent is required.
Is there any way to solve this?

Regards, Aleksandr.

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  • **n8n version:0.184.0
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Hi @asuhan, it seems this behavior is caused by a recent change on Google’s end and is expected:

Following up here, this is the expected behavior as currently Drive does not support the changing of the ownership for items which are owned by accounts.

Good day, MutedJam. Thank you. I thought there was some way around it. But there isn’t. It’s a pity that all Google innovations only make life harder for users of their services.

Regards, Aleksandr.

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There might be a way around it, but unfortunately I am not aware of one :frowning: Might be worth following the aforementioned thread in Google’s bug tracker for that.

I agree with the overall sentiment though, it’s always sad to see a feature disappearing.