Can't connect to raspberry pi instance

Hi there

I have a raspberry pi and have installed and run n8n according to this guide: Run n8n as a Service with PM2

it all seems to be OK, except that I can’t reach n8n from my laptop browser. I get an “Unable to connect” error immediately.

When I SSH into the Pi, pm2 says n8n is running:

Any advice would be most appreciated :pray:

Hey @theneilkirk,

That looks like it might not be listening on port 5678 but more importantly that is an uptime of 0 seconds so it could be failing to start properly. Can you check the log output and see if it shows anything useful?

Thanks @Jon . The obvious one that showed was:

So, I’ve installed v16 and then had to figure out how to start n8n, via pm2, with that version of node:
pm2 start n8n --interpreter=/home/admin/.nvm/versions/node/v16.19.1/bin/node

And now it’s working! Thanks for your help. I’m only a hobbyist, so don’t always think to do things like check logs :smiley:


Hey @theneilkirk,

It is all good, We all have to start somewhere :slight_smile:

So for now 16 is the way to go, We are starting to add support for 18 but I suspect that is still a few weeks / couple of months away from being complete.


This is cool. I look at non-working things for a living and didn’t know you can specify node versions in pm2 until just now. Thanks for sharing!