Can't create a new Xero contact (also missing other fields)

I’m trying to add a new contact to Xero, but I receive an error “Contact name cannot be empty”. Clearly, the name is populated.

Additionally, there is no option to add an Address or Phone/Mobile number. This oversight is present when adding a new contact or updating an existing contact. Essentially, making the process of adding/updating a contact useless.


Welcome to the community @Michael_Pierce!

Considering that there is an expression on the name field, is it possible that you send multiple items into the node and it resolves only for the first one and not for the others. Meaning for the first one there is the name like you show in your screenshot but for the other one/ones it is empty like the API claims?

Regarding the address and phone number you are right. That does not seem to be supported yet. We should however be able to add that quite fast.

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Actually just created a Xero test account and receive the same error even when I do not use an expression. Will investigate and fix.

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Thanks for the quick reply Jan.

As you’ve just discovered, a single Contact creation fails. I’m only trying to pass a single creation event. I should have included that information in my original post.

The ability to add Addresses and Phone numbers is kind of an important feature. I’m surprised it was missing.

I’m taking a Calendly booking and creating a Xero contact from the customer entered the information. The phone numbers include Phone & Mobile (similar to that of Xero) and the Address includes Postal and Street (similar to that of Xero).

Sorry, is sadly not as fast to do as expected (mainly because I have already problems opening their API documentation) and will not find the time. Somebody of our team will check it out in the next few days.

Thanks. Much appreciated.

Got fixed. It will be available in the next release.


Got released with [email protected]

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