Can't edit/open Nodes on a specific workflow

I’ve got a workflow where I can’t open/edit the Nodes at all. I can’t move them on the canvas either.

I can add a new Node and this will work as intended.

I’ve tried to duplicate the workflow, but the new workflow exhibits the exact same behavior.

When I click on Execution tab, I get the following error:

The same error happens if I try to copy/paste the JSON into a blank canvas.

I’m on version 0.206.

This is a pretty critical workflow and I’m not really sure how to proceed.

Hey @systemaddict,
are you able to post your workflow here? Did you recently update your n8n version and if so do you remember which n8n version you used previously?

Unfortunately not, but I’m on Cloudron and they tend to keep up-to-date with your releases.

Also, it wont copy/paste - any chance I can send it to your e-mail?

I did solve the problem by recreating the entire thing though but maybe you can identify the bug.

Glad to hear you got it working. Can you send me your workflow here using a private message (click on my user name).

Hi! Unfortunately I got the same problem. I can’t edit, open or move nodes on a specific workflow. I can create a copy of my workflow but I can’t edit it too.
I have Version 0.206.1

Same issue here. After update to .206.1, only new nodes can be moved/edited/deleted.

For anyone desperate for a workaround to at least edit a node, hold the ctrl key, and double-click the node to edit.

Exhibiting similar behaviour to the scenario detailed here (but mine is not a copied workflow): Issues with importing and saving workflows - #6 by WildPress

Updated to .208.0 and issue persists

In my case, it helped to download the workflow, to create the new one and to import again.

Are there and errors in the browser console?

no errors in console

this workaround worked for me.

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