Can't find a way to insert a JSON on bigquery JSON column type

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I need to insert rows to a bigquery table with data from an external API.
Basically, the table on bigquery is composed by:

  • id (INTEGER)
  • reference_id (INTEGER)
  • details (JSON)

The problem is I can’t find a way to insert data to a column on the bigquery table which type is JSON.

Bigquery just returns a message that the format is invalid. Searching about this topic, someone told me to try to transform the JSON (details) to string and then insert on bigquery, but I couldn’t make it work.

Follow the example.

Node 1: Data in JSON format.

Node 2: Transform data with SET node
I use SET node type to organize the data from the last node to the bigquery column model.
n8n → bigquery

  • id → id
  • numero → reference_id
  • details → details

The results on bigquery would be:
id: 692977012
reference_id: 26
details: [{“numero_ecommerce”:8619,“data_pedido”:“08/01/2022”,"data_prevista:“08/01/2022”}]

Hi @Joao_Vitor_Cordeiro, I am not sure about the actual behaviour right now. Are you getting any errors?

As for the conversion into a string, this could be done using JSON.stringify() if your details field is currently a JSON object:

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