Cant load community node

I have created my custom node i have been working on and after publishing the package now Cant load community node

this is the error showing

@Jon if you can help

Hi @Onlypfachi

Your node is not setup correct. It says exactly what files are the problem, so have a look at those.

Why did you copy my node? Why not simply use the node I have made public? If you need extra functionality create a PR :wink:

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oh Hi @BramKn :wave:t6: wanted to allow Insecure Decryption With Signing Keys, so i just used your code base it pretty much does everything except decrypt my files, also adding allowInsecureDecryptionWithSigningKeys will raise some security issues so having a seperate node makes sense. but i will credit you since youre the founding father.

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You can easily make this into an extra option in a PR to add to the current node.

Having duplicate nodes will only make things unclear and a mess for other that want to use community nodes.

Would also save you the hassle of getting this node to work. :wink:


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