Cant solve the redirection issue with html formatting

Hi, got a redirect workflow for my payment system.
The thing is that it should output the raw html

But it outputs something like [{"html":"\n<html>\n<form action=\"https://pat.m\" method=\"post\">\n<input type=\"hidden\" name =\"operation\" value= 58052 />\n<input type=\"hidden\" name =\"Signature\" value= 7e7c2048f1dc2 />\n<input type=\"hidden\" name =\"Lang\" value=\"md\" />\n<input type=\"hidden\" name =\"LinkUrlSucces\" value=\"\" />\n<input type=\"hidden\" name =\"LinkUrlCancel\" value=\"\" />\n</form>\n<script>\ndocument.querySelector('form').submit();\n</html>"}]

How should I make the redirect work?

Hey @uachildcomua,

Welcome to the community :cake:

The code node would would output data using our internal structure but if you were to use that output in a respond to webhook node it should work as expected. You could also try the HTML node which may allow you do to the same thing.

Solved adding
html.replace(/\n/g, ‘’);


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