Can't update parent issue field with Jira Software node


I want to update the parent issue field of an existing issue, OR set the parent issue of an issue while creating it. Both seem to give a success result, however, does not update in the Jira platform.

What might be the problem?


Hey @Pelin,

Does the create option assign the correct parent issue? While you get back to me on that, I’ll look into the next part of your question: update the parent issue. I’ll get back to you with my findings.

Hi @harshil1712 ,

No create issue doesn’t assign any parent issue either. But it gives a success result, too.

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Thanks for letting me know. I looked at the code and it looks good. I’ll now try to create an example workflow and try to replicate the issue.

By the way, I try to create a task issue and add the epic issue to it as a parent, which I’ve created already. There is no problem when doing it manually in Jira.


@harshil1712 any update on this? Unfortunately, this step prevents me from doing the full cycle automation…

hey @Pelin,

Sorry for the delay. To create a child task you will have to change the Issue Type. Instead of selecting Task, select Subtask in the Issue Type field. This option will you set the correct parent.

Similarly, for the Update operation, you will have to update the Issue Type. Note: For the update operation you will have to specify the ID of the Issue Type instead of the name.
A quick way to get the ID is as follow:

  1. Select Create operation
  2. Select the Project and the Issue Type.
  3. Click on the gears icon next to the Issue Type field and click on Add Expression.
  4. Use the displayed ID

Hi @harshil1712

Actually when I choose Subtask while creating, I get an 400 error. I try to have the parent issue as an Epic. I don’t think you can have an Epic as a parent issue to a Subtask but I need to have to link the Tasks to the Epic for this process.

Are you saying I should do a workaround by updating issue types back and forth?

Sorry if I didn’t get it clearly.

As @harshil1712 already mentioned, the parent parameter is only considered when the issue type is a subtask. If I send a parent id with any other issue type, it errors—see the image below. Not sure why you are getting the error. It works fine for me when the issue type is a subtask. Do you have any sort of message in error aside from 400?

Yes I can create a Subtask with the parent as a Task. Apparently I can’t create a Task with the parent as an Epic and obviously no Subtask with an Epic as the parent too because of the hierarchy structure. However, the Epic does not count as a “parent” for the Tasks then?

Anyway, can you think of a workaround to add/update a Task for relating it to an Epic? Would be very helpful…

Thanks for the help!

Hey @Pelin,

I tried to search about this and found out this topic. You will have to pass on a Custom Field and set its value. You will have to find the custom field ID in Jira and use that in the Field ID field in n8n via the Expression editor. This should hopefully solve your issue.

Here is another topic where they show that the only way to do that is with custom fields as @harshil1712 mentioned.

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Yes I did that exactly. I made an http request to update the preferred task with the body parameters:
{“fields”: {“parent”:{“key”:"{{$node[“Jira Trigger”].json[“issue”][“key”]}}"}}}

Thank you everyone! Sorry forgot to let you know earlier.


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