Can't Use the Airtable `when a record matches conditions` Trigger on n8n

Can we not use the when a record matches conditions trigger on n8n?

This is an awesome trigger that can supercharge my automations! But I can’t seem to get it working on a text field in Airtable. Does anyone have a simple example/blog post/implementation for this.

Specifically this

Are y’all planning on building this or do I need to migrate to Airtable automations to take advantage of these triggers?

Hi @hdotking, the Airtable trigger node supports airtable formulas already.

So if you only want your trigger to fire on new records where the value of your Name field equals Goofy you could set up your node like so:

Now when adding multiple new rows to my Airtable only the one matching the condition will be caught by the trigger:

Just be aware this only seems to work for production executions, when manually testing your flow n8n will simply provide you with the most recent item from your Airtable.

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