Caption(Subtitle) for video

It would help if there was a node for:

Upload caption(subtitle) file for video Youtube

My use case:

Upload caption(subtitle) file for video Youtube

Any resources to support this?

Are you willing to work on this?

Hey @lavanphat,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

That sounds like it would be useful and would help some content creators.

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While waiting for your team to add the caption upload feature, can you guide me on how to upload captions using http request node?

Hey @lavanphat,

I am not that familiar with the API, Is this what Youtube calls Captions?

That’s right, it’s called a caption

Perfect, So I don’t have an example ready to go bu tthe API looks like it is fairly well documented although it may need some special scopes that we don’t use.

The documentation page for Captions can be found here: Captions: insert  |  YouTube Data API  |  Google for Developers

i found a example for insert caption by HTTP in this link. But N8n node HTTP does not support Content-Type: multipart/related @Jon

Hey @lavanphat,

What happens if you try to use multipart/related do you see any errors?