Change are not reflecting in custom node

Hi n8n team,
changes I am making in custom node is not getting reflected in frontend.i have built using
npm run build
npm run start
as well i have tried
npm run dev(tried with bot ports 5678 and 8080)

Kindly help me in this

Hey @praveen,

What version of n8n are you using? We moved to pnpm a while back. How is your custom node installed and you verified it has been built correctly?

Did you also try adding the node to the workflow again?

i am using n8n version 0.193.5. now the code is already integrated in our product with this version.I built all custom nodes six months back it was working perfectly at that time with(npm run build and npm run start).But when I try to change the same custom node again with these npm commands, changes are not getting reflected and i am unable to debug it.can you give any other alternative of how to achieve this

Hey @praveen,

Have you checked the node was built correctly? Sometimes there is an odd issue where some UI elements don’t update but it is normally a local issue and not related to n8n as we just what we are told.

I take it you have restarted n8n as well? Could be worth clearing the npm cache and fetching it all again as well.

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