Change column values for

Hello community, I am rather new to n8n and an absolute beginner in node (I have no clue what I am doing really, its just testing until something eventually works).

I have seen this question on a similar topic before but I need to ask again:

I want to change a column value, more specifically a status, in
The issue is the value in n8n. It needs to be a node and I have no idea how to get it right.
Most of the time n8n says I need to have a proper json in my expression (yea no clue how to achieve that) but I dont really get how it works. actually says to use this:
JSON.stringify({ "label": "Done" });
in my json.

well, that doesnt help me at all.

I think the easiest way to help me would to just send me the right json/node to put in the value. I am also almost done with my nerves with this.

@fwkenzo welcome to the community.

What is the type of the column you want to update/set?

If the value is type text then perhaps you can find the answer there

Thank you for your help!
I found a solution.