Change editor-ui port

Hi, I want to know the editor UI is running on port 8080 or 8081 so I want to change the editor UI port as I want, it will be run on port 5000 or 5001 like that so where do I need to change…

Hey @niteshnigam,

This really depends on how you are running n8n. If you are running the docker installation, you can change it either by:

  1. modifying the docker-compose.yml file to redirect port 5678 to a different port (see entry services:n8n:ports:)
  2. modifying the docker-compose.yml file to to use a different port and then redirect that port (see entries services:n8n:environment:N8N_PORT)

If you are using the regular install version, you can set the environment variable N8N_PORT to the port value you wish to use or create a .env file with a N8N_PORT option.