Change Log and Newsletter

Hi Guys,

I have been using n8n for quite some time now. I have been also working with other product that enables automation. There are a few things that I like to suggest that may be important to help lots of existing users to keep up to date with n8n.

  1. Product Changelog and direct download links on the n8n website. A good example is,
    e.g. for changelog and download page

We can see the benefits of these two additions directly to our site. We can track what features got added, security issue resolution, braking change, multiple streams of installing n8n.

  1. Newsletter for the new version release, open security issues, new blog post, etc.

Having this feature will keep the community updated on what is going on with n8n.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Is really very helpful.

About 1. The changelog already exists and can be found here:

Additionally do we have the following only for breaking changes. It informs when action is needed and what to do exactly:

Not sure about the download page to be honest. We do not really have anything to download as we do not have an executable. The only things that exist are the npm package and the docker image.

About 2. We already have a newsletter which does get send out every month and includes information about new versions and blog-posts and similar. Do I understand it correctly that you are interested in a newsletter which does get send out directly after a new version gets released?

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