Change owner of n8n


I need to change the owner of my n8n instance (self-hosted on my server).

I find that it can be done through sqlite database which n8n uses.

How can I do it? How to connect to the db and is there such an option to change the owner?

Thanks in advance

Hey @Valeriya_Dudina,

Welcome to the community :cake:

That is a good question, I can’t see an option so it could be a case of changing the database with whatever database tool you are comfortable using or reseting user management and making the owner again.

will it delete all the data i have now? all automations?

Hey @Valeriya_Dudina,

It shouldn’t do but it would be worth making a backup of the database before just incase.

Thank you so much!
And how can I connect the database? Is there any tutorial?

Hey @Valeriya_Dudina,

We don’t really have a guide for that as there are lots of different tools you can use, The only thing I would say is make sure the n8n process is stopped when you try it.

It could be worth trying the reset commend first as well just to see if that helps.


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