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Hello Team,
I am using n8n service into my project. I have installed docker image on ec2 instance of AWS. My requirement is to store n8n data whatever I am creating in my external db i.e mongo Atlas.

Is that even possible? if yes then how?

Thank You.

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Hi @harshit

Welcome to the community.
Yes this is possible. Don’t think you can use a NoSQL database though. You can use Postgres for example.
doc is here: Docker - n8n Documentation

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I changed my database this morning from SQLite to Postgres and it was fairly painless, I accessed my container and ran the export command for workflows and credentials in the storage volume folder (/home/node/.n8n/) then I killed the container and set the env options I needed, fired up the container and ran the import commands then restarted the container again for luck and that sorted it all out.

The only thing I did have to do again was make my user for User Management which isn’t the end of the world as I was the only user on my system.

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The only issue I had when converting to postgres (I used a backup to git and restore from Git to get my workflows transfered)
Was that I didn’t notice the note that the postgres user cannot be the root login for postgres. This had me confused for a bit on how to fix the connection. Rest of it was idd pretty simple to do.

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thanks for the reply. I wanted to store in NoSQL. Since its not possible will access the data through api then.

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