Change the default R3-Lets Encrypt SSL certificate to AWS Certificate(ACM)

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We have integrated/hosted n8n using Docker to our amazon EC2 instance and accessed it using a subdomain and it’s working properly with the current setup.

But at the time of installation, it took R3- Lets Encrypt certificate as an SSL certificate for the subdomain. Now we need to use an AWS certificate(ACM) for the n8n application because we already have a wildcard SSL certificate which we have purchased from Amazon Certificate (ACM) and this AWS certificate (ACM) we are using on our main domain.

So can you please let us know how we can assign an AWS certificate (ACM) to our subdomain n8n server/application?

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Hi @av.shiv, welcome to the community :tada:

Is n8n managing the certificates directly? If so, you can simply point it to the new certificates by updating the respective environment variables.

If you manage the certificates outside of n8n (which is more common) you’d need to update the certificates wherever you handle TLS certificates, for example in your reverse proxy.

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For the main domain, I’m using an AWS certificate and they are not providing any KEY file or CERT file of the certificate. And into the n8n there is no facility to attach an AWS certificate directly.

So don’t know how to use the AWS certificate for my subdomain(

Can you or someone please let me know how I can use the AWS certificate?


To be honest with you, this very much seems like a question specific to AWS certificate (ACM), a 3rd party product which I am not familiar with. From taking a quick look at their website it seems the number of supported services is rather limited: Services integrated with AWS Certificate Manager - AWS Certificate Manager

They do allow exporting certificates though from looking at Exporting a private certificate - AWS Certificate Manager, so perhaps you can go down that route.

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