Chat trigger Q&A

n8n version: 1.26.0
Database: SQLite
Running n8n via Docker

Hi all,

The chat trigger works well in conversation with Agent AI but I would like to use the Question&Answer Chain to have a bot that respond to my questions.

My problem : The “Webhook response node” returns data but I don’t have it in my chatbot interface.

Any idea ?

Thank you

It looks like your topic is missing some important information. Could you provide the following if applicable.

  • n8n version:
  • Database (default: SQLite):
  • n8n EXECUTIONS_PROCESS setting (default: own, main):
  • Running n8n via (Docker, npm, n8n cloud, desktop app):
  • Operating system:

n8n version: 1.26.0
Database: SQLite
Running n8n via Docker

Should we always use “Agent AI” with the type “Conversation” ?

Hey @romeo_roy,

What happens if you don’t use the respond to webhook node does that work?

No, it doesn’t work.

The answer is not returned back to the html page.

The “Respond to Webhook” should not be needed in this case. So instead of setting

  • Response Mode: “Using ‘Respond to Webhook’ Node”

you can either

  • delete the option
  • set Response Mode: “What Last Node Finishes”

It should then work fine. By the way. I assume that is what @Jon meant. Not just disconnecting the node, but rather changing the setting on the Chat Trigger node.

I have already removed the option…

As I said, it’s working well with “Agent AI” but not with “Question and Answer chain”.
I don’t know why

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I have the same problem that @romeo_roy the response is return by the server, but not in the UI. I think that the response format ({ “response”: { “text”: “…” } }) is not interpreted by the webbrowser interface in the “chat”. whereas with the Node “Agent AI”, it’s works fine : the response is “output” or “data.response” directly…