Check for new content added to RSS and send notifications of new content via Telegram

Friends, I am new to the n8n automation script and I am learning slowly. As it says in the title, I want to create an automation. I would be very grateful if you could help me. Hopefully, when I fully understand n8n, I would like to help new users here as well.

rss: Автоспорт

Hey @ibere,

The real quick way to do this would be to add the RSS trigger node and the Telegram node to your workflow and you are pretty much done once you have configured the nodes.

I don’t want to install a custom node, how else can I do it?

Hey @ibere,

It isn’t a custom node anymore the RSS Trigger node was added into 1.13.0 the preview service we have though has not been updated to that release yet.

If you copy the workflow above and paste it into your n8n instance (running 1.13+) it should show you it.

I have made the update, thank you. How can I log in to this site with n8n for rss downloading?


Hey @ibere,

That would be trickier and it depends on what the feed needs, The RSS nodes don’t support any authentication. For that you would need to handle it with http request nodes which will be more complicated and would all depend on the site.

My friend, can you just help me with how to login? I can handle the rest :smiley:

Hey @ibere,

I don’t have an account on that site to test but it looks like they send form-data to /forum/login.php so something like the below might work but they might also have captcha in place or something like Cloudflare to prevent this so it may not be possible without using browser automation.

I will try and write in a few hours, thank you my friend. :heart_eyes:

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doesnt work :frowning:

Hey @ibere

That could be because there is something restricting it or it requires captcha, logging into a forum can be tricky.

What are you actually planning to do once you can login? Do the site owners not have an api that can help with what you are doing?

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