Checkpoints for Workflow


It would be great if there will be an option to place some kind of workflow progress checkpoints for the executions list.

For example, I have a workflow that triggers every 5 minutes and collects alerts from a system. In 10% of cases, it sends an email to us. And the issue is that it is really hard to find the exact execution when the email has been sent in the huge executions list. The only option, for now, is to check the execution time or place the $executionId into the email body.

So it would be great if there will be a special node like “Checkpoints” that will work as a dropdown list and has some global user-defined values (e.g. received alert, sent an email, closed ticket, form a report). And when the workflow passed by that checkpoint node, it adds a checkpoint value to the execution (pretty same as the tags work).