Choosing a Random Node output and continue

Since I started using n8n in 2020, One thing I missed is a randomizer node. Which takes two inputs and picks one from it. So the workflow would continue based on the output.

There are lots of ways you can do that. But a Node would be pretty useful.

This is what I mean.

So I built a Randomizer Node which does the exact same thing. It’s a simple thing, yet it’s pretty useful like in the above cases.

This can be installed as a community node.


Here enter “n8n-nodes-randomizer” and click install. Once done you can try searching for a Randomizer Node in the nodes tab.


Hi @mcnaveen

Could you give an example of where you could use a node like this?
Seems like a good idea to me but have no clue when to use it. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @BramKn

I have a workflow where I have to run different actions (Randomly)

Each and every time, I have to do like this.

  • Have to generate a number between x-x
  • Check if it’s larger or smaller, again some check.

With the Randomizer node, All I have to do is add a Randomizer Node and it helps me with the flow without this much of complexity

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Hi @mcnaveen

Could you explain why you have to run different actions randomly? I cannot think of a usecase where that would be needed in a production flow.

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I run a few automation blogs. Every flow has a different post ID pulling data from a different source and posting it.

Here is another example: Randomizer : Manychat Help

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Ah, that make sense. I never really deal with these kinds of things. :sweat_smile:

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Haha, Useful for me instead of dealing with Multiple Code blocks and IF Blocks. Just have to drop the randomizer node from now on.