integration to give access a new user in a specific space groupe

I am using teachable and, I don’t know if this tools are known of you guys but I need your help to create a worflow, what I want to do ?
its simple, i will explain you in steps

  1. trigger : when a user becomes a customer because he buy a course on teachable, I would like
  2. give him access to a couple of groups to exchage with classmates in
  3. send him an email to welcome to the course.

I cant find them on the list on n8n so far, have you some advices to execute this workflow ?

thanks !!

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version:
  • **Running n8n via docker on selfhosted

Hi @Z_M, I don’t have an account with this service myself unfortunately, so don’t have any ready-to-run example. However, from looking at it seems they have a REST API, so you should be able to use the HTTP Request node in n8n to interact with their API.

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