Circular reference on simple Webhook call

Hello community,

I’ve seen a question about circular reference but no solution.

I have a simple webhook listening to POST request.

This is the xml I’m sending (it actually is a push notification from YouTube using pubsubhuhub) :slight_smile:

<feed xmlns:yt="" xmlns="">
  <link rel="hub" href="" />
  <link rel="self" href="" />
  <title>YouTube video feed</title>
    <title>December 12, 20</title>
    <link rel="alternate" href="" />
      <name>Ak Ram</name>

Why do I have this error ?

Converting circular structure to JSON → starting at object with constructor ‘Object’ | property ‘parent’ → object with constructor ‘Document’ | property ‘children’ → object with constructor ‘Array’ — index 0 closes the circle"

thanks a lot for your help !

Actually it seems that my second node (and HTML extract) is the issue, not the Webhook itself

Hi @Steph67, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. I quickly tried reading this data structure on my end but didn’t run into trouble here.

Would you be able to share a simplified example workflow using which the problem can be reproduced? If this only happens when using the Webhook node (and not say when simply setting your example data via the Set node), could you also confirm how exactly the webhook request needs to look like?

Actually I had no trouble, only a bad use of n8n nodes on my part.

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Well, I am glad to hear this is sorted, many thanks for confirming!