Clearbit error 422 - wrong domain

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I’m receiving an error 422 when sending a valid domain name. I’ve tested by just writing the domain in the request and it works. But when putting the formula in json format it gives me a 422 error

What is the error message (if any)?

The error is 422 and the explanation is here:

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  • Operating system:

Hey @Thibaud_Dubrule,

It looks like Clearbit are pretty confident on what the error means, Are you able to share a screenshot of the workflow execution when you see this error? My initial thought is maybe there are multiple items going into the Clearbit node and one of them doesn’t have a domain field.

Hi Jon,

Indeed you are right. I didn’t check all the 10 companies and the last one had an empty domain. So i’ve added a if node to clear them out.

Thanks for the quick help - and sorry for that not quite complicated issue :person_facepalming:

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Hey @Thibaud_Dubrule,

I prefer the issues that are not complicated :smiley: glad to hear you have sorted it and it is all good now.

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