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I’ve created my first workflow which is getting data from a webhook and creating tasks in clickup. The clickup node has got good parameters to use but I have a question regarding the “Additional fields” when creating the tasks:
“Custom Fields JSON”: I’ve managed to use this but only with static data. Is there a way the value for the field can be taken from a previous node i.e. {{$node["webhook"].json["body"]["key"]}}?

In general, is it possible to add some other additional fields or would that require a change in the clickup node code?


Hi @Richard0815, welcome to the community :tada:

When clicking on the little gears icon next to the field, you can add an expression:

This would allow you to reference data from a previous node. I s this what you had in mind?


thanks for the quick reply! Silly me, I was only clicking in the text field hence I didn’t get the option to set values with previous data. Thanks!

Is there a way to add more additional fields?


The format is that of a JSON array, so you should be able to add multiple fields using a value like this in the Custom Fields JSON field:

    "id": "ID of the first field",
    "value": "Value of the first field"
}, {
    "id": "ID of the second field",
    "value": "Value of the second field"
}, {
    "id": "ID of the third field",
    "value": "Value of the third field"


This works really nicely and above that I understand now how it’s working!
Thanks a lot.


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Awesome, I am glad to hear that. Thanks a lot for confirming and happy automating!