Cloud Run deployment

Hello everyone :smiley: Thank you for this amazing product.

I have cloned n8n repo in order to re-map the N8N_PORT to 8080, for the need to deploy it on Cloud Run. Although the deployment is successful, after building a new Docker image, I get the following message at the header’s top right: “Connection lost”.

I am not quite sure why this is happening. Any insights would be helpful!

Thanks a lot! Very happy that you like it!

Your problem looks like your reverse proxy has issues with EventSource which gets used to display new data while nodes render.

You should check this out. That was the same problem:

Hope it helps!

Hmm I am afraid this won’t be possible with Cloud Run :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry, do not know Cloud Run so can not be much of a help here. Is there maybe some way to configure it to work with Event. Source?