Coda Update Row / Upsert - Sooo Lost On This!

Hey everyone I’m confused how do I update an existing row’s column. I need to add a folder url after a project is completed but for the love of me, I don’t understand how to do an Upsert.

As you can see, when I try a new row gets created.

And I have a set right before coda launched to store the value

Thanks for any help in understanding this.

Oh and I tried using the row ID and of course that’s not a column, so it errored out

After some experimentation I finally figured it out. Here’s the answer for anyone else who may need to Update or Upsert with n8n.

I have a Coda Node separate to get all columns

You get the (key) or primary column / first column

Under “Add Option” add a “Key Columns”

And use the primary look up table or (key)

Be sure your lookup (key) is set in this case Column = Name & Value = Test1
Will Update the the Test1 row and Modify the Column = UpdateThis with Value = With That or That (Updating the current value of “With That” from figuring it out first time)


Hope this helps others!!

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So glad to see you figured it out, and thanks a million for sharing your solution @soulphforum :bowing_man:

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