Code node only generates 500 itens

Hi, im having this issue:
I am trying to separate with this Code node the items that I receive in the previous pipedrive node, Get Filter Deals it only returns 1 item, which in reality are many more, the code present in the Code node is responsible for separating these items for me so that I can map them and add them later in a spreadsheet, but the Code node seems to only be able to separate 500 items maximum and not more than that… how can I solve this drama?

**the set node between them is an attempt of batching and so…

a photo of the whole thing

Not sure what you are doing exactly but the HTTP node only gets 500 items as the limit is set to 500(which makes sense for getting data with paging)

Also do not see the loop running more than once so I guess your loop isnt working.


the problem is, even with this 500 limit the payload that comes is a 1 item only, witch makes impossible for me to use a Set node after that to manipulate each deal in that json…

Hey @Fernanda_Silva,

So what actually happens when you loop to increase the count? In theory it would be multiple runs so the code node would have 500 items for each run.

You could use the item lists node to extract the data array as well which may make life easier.


Sorry i totally forgot about this, thank you for answering <3 . Ive changed my logic btw… for this crazy workflow of mine i could have used pagination and a loop so it iterates, but not viable cuz my list of deals only grows…

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