Codebase UTF 8 to Ascii

Hi I am fairly new to N8n. I have a report I download from a API, the file is zipped.
In Integromat I unzip it and then need to update the codebase from UTF8 to Asci to be able to read the file (and this works).

How do I do that in n8n, I can download the data from https and see zipped how to I change the codebase to be able to use the info after uncompressing?


I need the step from compression? Would appreciate assistance.

Welcome to the community @mvandyk

Can you share the an example file so that I can test it locally?

Ok, just realized that the response format in the HTTP node is string. You have to set it to file.

Thanks Ricardo. If I leave it in string I see the information similar to what it would have been in Integromat (Data).

If I change it to file the Decompress returns no data?

I am not sure how to share that you can test as the authentication in here won’t work from other IP’s

It returns data. But as binary. You can see uncompressed files if you click on the “Binary” button next to the currently activated “Table”.

Considering that the file you will receive is a csv-file you can then use the “Spreadsheet File” node to read it. So you workflow will look like this:
Screenshot from 2021-04-29 18-09-34

Here an example workflow:

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Hi Jan, thanks for the answer.

If I have http on file the and I view Binary data it is empty? Decompress does not get any data to decompress?
If http is set to string I can see the data in binary?

PS my call is to a api, Not a url with the filename in it?

OK I see the same result if I run your example, no data in binary but the spreadsheet node does have the data. Thanks

Hi Jan, used your example No data reaches the Spreadsheet file

How does the output of the Compression Node look like when you have “Binary” selected?

It seems to be empty?

Sorry, totally overlooked your answer. Can you please share the path to that file with us so that we can check it out? (also privately is OK if the content contains data that should not be publicly available)