Columns in Monday not being updated

Hello, guys. I’m somewhat new to n8n.

I’m trying to create a new board item in Monday with custom values for columns. However, while the item gets created, the columns do not get updated.

Any clue on what might be the reason?

Hey @Antonio_Gabriel_Zeni, would you mind sharing your workflow or some more details on how you tried to set it up currently? That would make it a lot easier to help you here :slight_smile:

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Hi, Niklas. The workflow is quite simple and is as follows.

Both branches of the IF node do the same thing: they first create items in the board, and then update it’s description. The problem, as I’ve said, is columns in the board not updating.

So, I’ve found the solution: column in Monday must be accessed through their unique ID in the board, although the API doesn’t make that very clear. Regardless, you need to activate developer mode to see their IDs, which apparently follow the convention type_of_collumn followed by an index. In my case, for example, the correct column names would be e_mail and text1.

Glad that you found a solution and thanks for posting it!

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