Combine separate Array items into one object

Hey there - I have an array that I need to combine into one object. For example one of my applications produces:


“Member”: " Pamela Anders, Age:22, Birthdate:2000-08-09, Mobile:"

“Member”: " Doreen Jello, Age:26, Birthdate:1996-08-14, Mobile:(555) 200-1212"

I would like to combine all items into one object like this
Member": " Pamela Anders, Age:22, Birthdate:2000-09-09, Mobile: Member: Doreen Jello, Age:26, Birthdate:1996-09-14, Mobile:(555) 200-1212

Goal is to send a text reminder for those who have birthdays this month. I’ve got the SMS part covered.

Hey @itpastor,
you could use the Item Lists node to aggregate members and a Set node to join them into one message with a newline in between.

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@marcus Thank you! That has stumped me. I am so glad for a community that helps others - you guys rock!