Combine values from the same key for each object in an array

I have some data like this, which is part of a larger object (and are many objects like this):
    "departments": [
        "id": 10111,
        "name": "Sales",
        "id": 10115,
        "name": "Super Sales",

And I would like to output:
“departments”=“Sales, Super Sales”

I can split out each child of the departments in the array into 2 separate items using

return items[0] => ( { json : item } ));

But I am only interested in

In the example there are only 2 departments but looking for a solution that will work for an number of departments (but usually between 1 and 3).

use function item


Thanks for your help here matte but it’s putting each character as an object in an array.

I’d then like to filter out duplicates. How can I clean up the data to be able to work on it in other nodes?