Combining RSS feeds into structured data I can integrate elsewhere


I would like to find out if it possible to combine multiple RSS feeds into structured data or records I can then integrate with any other app or post to webhook?

Something like this zapier option: How to filter, combine, and customize RSS feeds | Zapier

Im sure its possible but probably not as simple as the above? Can you point me in the right direction for this requirement. Much appreciated!

Hi @jay377, so you essentially want to read (and possibly filter) multiple feeds and forward their items to another app? This is possible, though the RSS Node can be a bit tricky as it only runs once, regardless of the number of incoming items.

So to get started you might want to take a look at this example from our documentation showing how to consume multiple feeds. Instead of the Function node used in the example, the feed URLs could of course also be read from any other source, whether that’s a Google Sheet or a database.

Once you can read each feed, you could put any other node behind the RSS Feed Read node which would pass on the feed items into another service of your choice. You could also use the IF node for filtering.