Community Hangout, Friday, April 12: Creating custom integrations for n8n [recording available]

​With close to 500 native integrations, chances are you that you can use n8n straight away. But what if you need an app that’s not supported natively, or something that’s very specific to your company?

​This month, we’re looking at how you can use n8n beyond the native integrations. Planned presentations include:

  • ​Using the HTTP node: learn how to set up the requests and credentials for almost anything.
  • ​Creating custom n8n nodes: a high-level overview of the possibilities and limitations of creating your own nodes - hosted by @BramKn

​As always, we’ll wrap up with a round of questions and answers.

:tv: Watch the hangout here:


Where can I watch the recording?

Hi @gmsalomao2, the recording will be online next week. I’ll post a message here when it’s live.


I just added the video, enjoy!