Community Node installation with N8N running in queue mode


I’m trying to install the community node n8n-nodes-text-manipulation on a self-hosted docker installation running in queue mode.

I got this message in settings/community node

You need to install community nodes manually because your instance is running in queue mode. More info.

When following the URL, i can’t find information in the documentation. I read a few posts on the community forum, then tried to just upload the community node in my shared n8n docker volume in the folder custom that map to ./n8n/custom in the docker image.

But nothing happens.

Any ideas ?

I cc the node creator @lublak :wink:

I’m not sure the canonical way to do it. But we build our own docker image based on these instructions N8n-node-dev build issue with a file - #10 by jan

E.g. your run command might be

RUN cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/n8n && npm install n8n-nodes-text-manipulation

@mcc37 hey hey! :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly, there is the option to change the mode. Regular.
Alternatively, you have to build a docker image yourself.
It should be as @pemontto describes it.

I can not switch to regular, I need performance offered bye queue execution style.

And I would like to avoid to build a custom image every week to follow N8N frequent release.

I saw a post of @RicardoE105 (but I can’t) find it anymore talking about this folder. Ideally, I would deploy the community node in the right folder.

Hey @mcc37,

At the moment building out a docker image is probably the best way that I can think of, With community nodes when they are installed we add them to the ~/.n8n/nodes/ folder. I have no idea if it would work but you could always try manually installing nodes into that folder and restarting the instance to see if that works.

I did spot an internal note the other day to document how to install community nodes when using queue mode but I don’t think we have started on that process yet.

Hey @Jon

I had a first try to set it ip through folder, but it did not work. I will have another try.

It would be pretty cool to have a simple method to install community nodes directly through the web interface even if using queue mode.

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Hey @mcc37,

I agree doing it from the UI would be the best option but I guess as it is not there already it is probably a bit tricky to do properly.

With the folder option I don’t think a shared volume would do it and you might need to do it on each instance and run the npm install command.

As far as I know though the only method we currently support is through custom docker images, I have just asked internally to see if I have missed something though.

Hey @mcc37,

So we think if you shared .n8n/custom with all your workers after doing an install of a node and restarting each worker it should be available to all of them.

I am going to set aside some time tomorrow to give it a test.


Thanks @Jon, I will be happy to know the results.

any luck with this?

Hey @Greg_Hadley,

Not had a chance to test it in queue mode yet but I did do some testing with manually installing nodes which would suggest the approach would work.