Compare DataSets Issue

I’m having an issue with Compare Data Sets giving me different results with the same data set. On initial run up to the Compare Data Set node I get these results.

But if I click the Compare DataSets node again it gives different results. The second set of results looks to be correct not the first. What am I doing wrong here?

The end result I’m looking for is. Where the Intake Id match and Status are different between A & B, I’m assuming this should go to Different Branch, but unable to figure out why it goes from over 600 results to 404 results just from running the Compare Datsets node again

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Hi @Philip_Wiggins, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Could you share an example workflow using which this problem can be reproduced?

I’m having the same problem. Apparently the Compare datasets node is not managing to compare the data correctly.
In some situations it identifies equal data as being different. When running again (manually), the node gives the correct result

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I managed to fix the error.
The Input A of the “Compare Datasets node” was a “Merge node”, replace that node and everything ran as it should, no problems.

I’m having the same issue. But i don’t have Merge node before the Compare Datasets node. Could you help me?

Hey @Pheggas,

I noticed you have opened a GitHub issue for this as well so we will treat this like a bug there although I suspect it may not be.

It is very hard to see what the actual issue might be without the data from both nodes going into it.

Right. I pointed to my thread on that github issue where i show the inputs too.

Hey @Pheggas,

That is a bit confusing splitting the same issue over 2 topics and GitHub.

Would you rather use the other topic that already has someone looking at it or the GitHub issue?

Good afternoon, Jon. I did everything as in the example in the node description, but apparently the “Fields to Skip Comparing” option doesn’t work as I expected…
Could you please see what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.

Hey @asuhan,

That is a solid question, To me that looks like what is happening there is wrong but I have asked internally as I know we have some internal users who use the node heavily and they may have the answer.

Thank you, Jon. I wanted to get to grips with it for a long time, but decided that I just don’t understand how it works, and gave up. But then I came across this thread and decided to ask.

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Hey @asuhan,

So it looks like the node doesn’t support dot notation properly, A dev ticket has been created for it and it should be sorted in a future release.

Thank you, Jon!

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