Comparing Custom Field Dropdown [Name Value] to [Task Name] and including that [Task ID] in workflow

I have a team leave form that I use, I have created a custom field dropdown box with all of the team members names in them [YOUR NAME]. I have also created a List with all team members and their information (where the [TASK NAME] is identical to the dropdown field [YOUR NAME]).

I want to be able to use n8n to receive the leave form information (including [YOUR NAME]) and compare the string to the List and identify the Task where the [TASK NAME] and [YOUR NAME] match identically.

I want to use this to be able to include other custom fields in a new task that I am going to have this workflow create.

All I currently have working is


Hi @joshaus84, unfortunately you haven’t shared your workflow or the exact data you currently have. So I don’t think I fully understand all aspects of the problem you’re facing.

On a general level, you can use the Merge node to compare different datasets. Assuming your fields are literally called YOUR NAME and TASK NAME, you could check if an item with a given YOUR NAME value exists in a bunch of items with a TASK NAME field like so:

The Merge node will only pass on an item, if the value from the YOUR NAME field on the first input also exists in the TASK NAME field of any of the items on the second input.

Hope this helps!

Thankyou I have resolved my question usinn the compare, set and merge nodes :slight_smile:

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