Complete structure to post in WordPress - help me!

How do I get the full article in wordpress? with the following structure, as in the image below.

and also how do I fill in Yoast seo data.

This is the flow at the moment:

Hi @Edgard_Neto.

n8n’s Wordpress node will only support a limited number of fields and not account for plugin-specific fields like the ones from your Yoast SEO screenshot. Does this Plugin extend the Wordpress REST API and do you have the update working outside of n8n? If so, you could use the HTTP Request’s “Import cURL” button to import an example curl request from their documentation (or from other tools like Postman or Insomnia) into n8n.

the wordpress node in n8n is pretty lacking .

Best to use the HTTP node and build the query yourself, you get entire control over the wordpress API then.

The n8n node, only has a few small parts of the API functionality.

Hey @Edgard_Neto

For your proposed use case, the simplest option is to follow the recommendations below:

  1. Create a template of the post with the layout and structure you want. This is recommended, because each WordPress editor (core, Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer) generates specific code that stores along with the information you include in the post_content column of the corresponding post ID in the wp_posts table of the database.

  1. From here, you just create the new post with the WordPress node, including the title and leaving it in draft.
  2. Add the post information and the template layout using the MySQL node and updating post_content of the generated post ID in the WordPress node above.

For this last point and to update the Yoast SEO information just follow the example here.



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