Complexity involving split in batches

Hello guys, hope you are doing well.

Well, I sill not understand split in batches very well.

I have a split in batches node and, for every split in batches node output, I have some nodes to make some logic happens, like multiples http requests, ifs, sets and at the finish a discord webhook to send messages about it.

Well, my problem is: after the first flow, then when I return to “split in batches” node after Discord node, the “split in batch” node literally receive Discord node output item as a new input and process only once… and can’t even work because the new input doesn’t make sense with inside escope logic.

My hack to make my workflow works is, after Discord node, I have a Code node with:

return $node[“Split in batches”].context.items;

just to reset my “split in batches” input with itself unprocessed items.

It works very well, but I don’t think it’s the masterful way to use Split in Batches node.

How do you guys turn back to your split in batches node hoping it will process the next item from what it was processing and not process the new incoming input?

Hi @anderson

I cannot say that I recognize this behaviour. Can you share an example of your flow where this happens?

Please include the workflow and or screenshots of the setup

you know what? nevermind…

I did something right and it’s not happening anymore.

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