Configure different dev/prod env vars for *the workflow*

Simple question: how do I inject environment specific config into my workflow nodes?

There is currently sadly no functionality for that yet.

So you would have to do that manually.
You could use the variable $env. It is available in the Function-Nodes and also in expressions. So assuming you have the environment variable NODE_ENV you could access it with $env.NODE_ENV. That you can then for example use it to set different values directly or route via an IF-Node to different Set-Nodes which set different flow-data. That data you can then reference in other nodes.
If you require the same data in multiple workflows you could also use the Execute Workflow Node and call different Workflows (which then return dev/prod data) depending on environment variables.

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That’s a very good workaround though. What would be the dream solution for you as a designer?

I am not a designer. Probably depends on the exact need. We have to do more research what problems people are having and what they try to solve exactly.
Anyway, one possible solution (for some of the problems) would be having the concept of workflow/system-data that can be set and referenced in a workflow. That data could then for example differ depending on environment or if a workflow runs manually or in production-mode.

A generic “config” key-value-pair node that can take overrides both from file and env vars and can be read-and-written to would be great.