Confused on how to start workflow

I have a workflow I’m testing out using a Hubspot event (create contact) as the trigger.

If I open that trigger node up and do listen for event, it receives the event and works fine.

If I close that and then leave the workflow as it (it’s active), any new contact created in hubspot are missed. If I then click, execute workflow and create a contact, the workflow executes, but if I look in executions it shows as a “test execution”. Note that the workflow has been active this entire time.

What do I need to do for this to just wait in the background for events that aren’t labeled as “test execution”?

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Hi @jmr123, it would be enough to activate your workflow which you have already done from the sounds of it:

Note that the workflow has been active this entire time.

Are you perhaps simply not saving successful executions of your workflow? You might need to change this setting for production executions to appear in your executions list:

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@jmr123 having the same issue you posted before - did you end up figuring it out? Thanks!

Hey @roffterd,

Welcome to the community :cake:

Have you tried what MutedJam suggested?

I really don’t know what my issue was here. The workflow was definitely running.

For @roffterd, there are a few things with n8n’s UI/UX that IMO are a little confusing that can cause problems here. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here n8n people)

Those buttons on the bottom for Execute Workflow and Stop are there just for testing. It seems to me like you’d have to click that for it to be running for production, but that’s not the case. You just need the workflow active (with toggle in upper right).

n8n does NOT save anything by default. Make sure you save when you make changes. I’ve had lots of things not work because I didn’t save my changes. Be VERY careful about having n8n open on different tabs.

I’ve also been confused triggers like this that have a testing and production url. Some of the times where things “weren’t working” was that I was sending webhook notifications to the testing URL, so it appeared as though the workflow wasn’t working. If you’re sending to testing, it won’t catch the webhook and start the workflow unless it’s listening and/or you click that execute workflow button.

This is the part that kills me:

Note that the webhook by default shows you the TESTING URL. You have to click the “Production URL” button that I highlighted in the red box (which IMO isn’t clear that it’s a button) in order to see the production URL. If your workflow is set to active AND you’re sending webhook notifications to the PRODUCTION URL then the workflow will run automatically (you don’t have to do anything with the Execute Workflow button).

Also note that the testing and production URLs are almost identical. Here’s an example.


Notice that the production URL (the second one) is just missing -testing. The rest is the same.

Hopefully, that saves you (or the next person) some of the frustration I had when getting started with n8n.

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