Connect with mysql

When I tried connect with mySQL I got
Host ‘...’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server
Anyone can help me

If n8n is running on a device separate from mysql, you need to allow the n8n to connect to the mysql ip in your ufw rules (assuming you’re running linux)

how allow the n8n to connect to the mysql ip?

If you’re using UFW, you can use this command (replace remote_ip_address with the n8n public ip)

sudo ufw allow from remote_ip_address to any port 3306

another solution please

You need to provide more info of your environment for me to help you. Need to know what you’re running mysql on (separate machine, same machine) OS, etc.

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In addition to configuring your firewall as suggested by @jhambach, make sure you also allow remote connections directly in MySQL as explained here for example:

This is not an n8n specific problem though, but comes down to the exact configuration of your own infrastructure.

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