Connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM on n8n cloud

I am attempting to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM with n8n cloud, and the connection instructions don’t apply to the cloud version.

The connection instructions talk about getting a client ID and secret, but there’s nowhere to put those in n8n cloud. However, there’s a callback URL listed:

Does this need to be put somewhere?

When I click the connect button and log in, this is the error message I get:


The message isn’t clear enough for me to troubleshoot.

Hey @Giovanni_Segar,

The error back from Microsoft is that the app you created in Azure doesn’t have access to what the node is trying to access, Is the region correct?

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@Jon I didn’t create an app in Azure—what information would I add in Azure when I’m using n8n cloud? I thought you guys would have an n8n app that would connect to the platform vs. having to register our own app.

Even if we did register our own app there’s nowhere to put in the app’s info for making the connection.

Hey @Giovanni_Segar

So it is, I missed that bit. It could be that we need to update our app for something. Did you double check the region was correct?

Hi @Jon,
We’re having the same issue and the region is set correctly in Azure. Any help would be appreciated. If it matters, we’re on an n8n Cloud trial to determine if this will work for us.

I’m checking regarding region but I tested all the regions and none of them worked for me.

Perfect thanks @kris_at_a8 and welcome to the community, Assuming you get the same error message I will get this raised with our cloud team today.

Confirmed the region is North America, so it’s not the region.

Hey @Giovanni_Segar,

Are you still seeing this issue?

Sorry @Jon, we ended up switching to Zapier for that company to resolve this issue so I can’t test it anymore (I would if I could).

Hey @Giovanni_Segar,

No problem :slight_smile: I will get a test account made.

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