Connection Lost when Downloading output from Spreasheet file

Hi! Maybe someone can help me with this issue. First the details:

  • I am using n8n cloud (still in the free trial period)
  • I want to save the output from an HTTP request node into a CSV binary which then I want to serve as the answer from a Webhook node

The issue:

  • The workflow runs OK
  • The moment I click on Download 2 odd things happen:


The file fails to donwload due to a “server problem”


And the instance seems to loose connection (I need to wait around 4 minutes to get it back)

Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
Any help will be appreciated!

Hi @yakito,

I think there might be two separate problems here unfortunately:

  1. n8n did have a bug, causing the download of files to fail on some browsers. Perhaps you can upgrade to a more recent version as described here and confirm if the issue still persists?
  2. As for the lost connection this might be a problem caused by the amount of data processed. This problem type is discussed here in our docs. I will be out for a while but both @Jon and @marcus are here during my absence in case you need help with implementing any of the suggestions in your workflow.
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@MutedJam THANKS a lot! Upgrading the cloud instance to the latest beta version seems to have resolved the issue. I need to make more tests but so far I am not seeing the error.

One suggestion: It would be great to be able to upgrade the cloud plan without having to wait for the Free trial period to expire.

Again, thanks a lot for your quick help!

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You are most welcome. The upgrade during the trial is indeed a hassle right now, but is possible. You can cancel and re-subscribe to avoid having to wait for the trial period to end like so:

When cancelling, you will get a warning about your data being deleted. However, as long as you start a new subscription immediately after cancelling, your data should remain available (as the actual data deletion takes place only once a day at 13:00 German time).

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Oh this is great! Thanks again! I’ll do that! Appreciate all your help!

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