Console.log not working

For some reason when I use console.log it’s not printing me in the cmd window, I just have a basic workflow with function node and I want to print there something
I have this workflow, console log don’t print me anything and also how can I stop the workflow if there is error ?

Hey @Asaf_Shay,

Inputting console.log() into a workflow will result in the data going to the browser console, Is that where you are checking?

thanks, my mistake, what about my second Q how to stop workflow from continuing if there is error?

That is all down to the design for your workflow, If a node errors it will tend to stop the workflow but if you are hitting an error in your function logic I would maybe set an error item on the output so maybe a bool and a string then after the function node you can do an If and check the error bool and use the Stop and Error node and output your message in that.