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Hello all,

I personally asked CloudConvert (an API I used at Zapier) to create an integration here at n8n.

Within a few weeks, they actually did, and passed along this git: GitHub - cloudconvert/n8n-nodes-cloudconvert

How are we able to use this on the Cloud version of n8n?

Thank you

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Hey @saica,

At the moment n8n cloud does not support community nodes and the only option at the moment to use them would be to self host n8n. The CloudConvert node I am aware of and it is something I watching to see how popular it is and what the demand is like before potentially bringing it in.


Thanks for the update @Jon.

Hopefully people will use it on the self-hosted side as I use it a ton at Zapier. I will not be moving to self-hosted.

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Likewise I use it on Zapier but getting issues on the Zapier side. So am looking to port the Zapier tasks for cloudconvert to cloud n8n. I guess we could use the api but would be great to have as an official node

Agreed. Still awaiting for it and will never stop. :smiley:

Am making a custom API for it rn, will let you know how it goes!

@Jon Josias from cloud convert tells me you guys rejected the integration on the grounds of customer need. This is me, a customer, telling you I need it.

The response given (below) is also somewhat vague since the node is NOT available to cloud customers. There is liteally no decent ffmpeg api service out there and this is the only one that actually works solidly.

Can you please reconsider and move it into the cloud app otherwise I have to move the process to zapier or make.

Thanks for the contribution, We have now created a Community Node Repository which is our preferred method for new node submissions
`Once a node has been published to the Community Node Repository users will be able to install the node from their n8n interface and will be able to use your node quicker, You will also be able to update the node as needed without needing to wait for the review process.`

Hey @cooper,

It isn’t just customer need, it is actually easier to publish a community node which can then be available to users a lot quicker (although sadly not cloud users at the moment)

I am still watching this request and the node and it is one I am interested in implementing in the future, I will bring it up during our next node team meeting on Wednesday to see what the thoughts are.

Yes, we are sure that there are, for literally every node, a some people out there that would need a specific node and would get value from it. We have to, however, take a bigger-picture approach. Adding a node to our main repository means, we have to review it (which is time-consuming), bring it up to our standard (which is also time intensive), and then support that node long term (which costs us time long-term). I assume it becomes clear what I am getting at. It simply costs us a lot of time, and that is something a small startup like us never has enough of. For everything we do (we say “yes” to), we can not do something else (we have to say “no” to). So if we said “yes” to all the community node contributions, which probably only very few of our users would get a real advantage from, we would have to say “no” to many other things that make the product better for everybody and enables us to build a sustainable business.

So we are not saying “no” because we think there is no value, we have to say “no” because we have to prioritize. Also, does not having an integration in the main repository not mean people can not use that service. Almost every service can be connected within a few minutes via our generic HTTP Request node. It is for sure some more work (as the API docs have to be checked), but that time added up for all the people is still way less than what it would cost us (as described above). Additionally, is it possible, as written in earlier comments, to publish it as a community node. They can be easily loaded on all self-hosted n8n instances. Sadly can, they, for security reasons, currently not be installed on our cloud version. It is, however something we try to find a solution for soon also to enable that.

I hope that makes sense and makes that decision clearer.


Not really. Of course we can use HTTP request node but FFMPEG is tricky. Like the decision to not provide email support to paid users like me, n8n is making the schoolboy mistake of thinking they are their own audience. Ganz holzweg.

Hey @cooper,

If it helps there are currently 2 users asking for CloudConvert and a quick look at other requests I can see we have 6 users asking for WHMCS, 13 for Docusign and 19 for Etsy, When it comes to working out what to add we take what our users are asking for into consideration and at the moment we do not have a lot of requests for this one.

When it comes to support why do you feel email support is better than the support provided here? If you were to email in our support team would be answering the questions but that same team are also here answering questions but on here you also have members of the engineering team like me, Ricardo and Adi, Members of our product and design teams like David, Max and Guilio and of course Jan our founder, You also have our n8n experts, power users and newer users who may know the service you are trying to connect to better than us.

If anything the community support is a lot better, As an example our email support is limited to Monday to Friday during business hours, if you come here on a weekend or “after hours” you will often see me or Jan replying to questions.

I am of course willing to go against our processes to keep our community happy so this what I will do…

If you can tell me why I should prioritise this node over the existing node requests and the 300+ other community nodes I will work on bringing this node in out of hours on my own time. The API can already be used with the HTTP Request node so it will need to be more than Cloud Convert is the best option for ffmpeg.


Not asking for it to be prioritised over other work, these are your words & a clever linguistic trick to be fair. I guess if we had some visibility of the roadmap it would help customers understand. Given the cloudconvert folks already put the hard yards into making it available as a community node most of the work is done? or if anyone can help with what the http request would look that would be cool.

Hey @cooper,

The Cloud Convert folks did put in a good chunk of work but there is more to it than just including it we have to do a full review and make sure it follows our UI patterns, Create test accounts so we can make sure the node works, Create the documentation for it then once that is done we then have the future maintenance aspect to look at so updating the node if it needs it and providing support to anyone who has issues using it.

From the outside it might look like it is just a 30 minute job but there is a lot that goes into it which will take us away from working on other features or bringing in other nodes. Our roadmap for nodes changes depending on the demand so if we were to publish something there is a chance that it would be out of date fairly quickly.

Right now though our priority in the nodes team is to continue work on overhauling existing nodes to make them eaiser to use and fixing some bugs in some of the older nodes, Everything we do as a team though is driven by data so if we all of a sudden start to see a lot of requests for this then we will make it happen.

You can however see the community requests for nodes here: Nodes - n8n

What is coming up here: Pull requests · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Published Community nodes by popularity: keywords:n8n-community-node-package - npm search

We can of course try to help you use the http request node to call the API that is part of what this support forum is here for, I would recommend creating a topic and completing the topic so we can see what you are currently trying and what the error is and I suspect you will be up and running with it by the end of the week.

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