Contribute Node -- New Integration

Hello all,

I personally asked CloudConvert (an API I used at Zapier) to create an integration here at n8n.

Within a few weeks, they actually did, and passed along this git: GitHub - cloudconvert/n8n-nodes-cloudconvert

How are we able to use this on the Cloud version of n8n?

Thank you

Hey @saica,

At the moment n8n cloud does not support community nodes and the only option at the moment to use them would be to self host n8n. The CloudConvert node I am aware of and it is something I watching to see how popular it is and what the demand is like before potentially bringing it in.


Thanks for the update @Jon.

Hopefully people will use it on the self-hosted side as I use it a ton at Zapier. I will not be moving to self-hosted.

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